Rehabilitation Therapies at Louis Brier

Adapting to a new home or level of ability is a big change — for you and for your family. Our rehabilitation team is dedicated to helping you through these challenges, and we’re committed to working alongside you to enhance your life at the Louis Brier Home & Hospital.

We’re incredibly proud of the extraordinary, personalized services and programs we provide to help keep you as active as possible.

Five days a week, we have an on-site team of professional physiotherapy, occupational therapy and rehabilitation professionals focused on improving your safety, comfort and mobility so you can participate in meaningful activities and relationships.

Helping you perform your best

When you’re first admitted to Louis Brier, our therapists will treat you to a comprehensive assessment to determine your physical, cognitive and functional abilities. From there, we can determine whether you’ll benefit from assistive devices, adaptive clothing, footwear or any environmental modifications to help you be as independent as possible.

We’ll also explain the myriad individual and group programs we run every day, in which you’re welcome to participate. Whether it’s Movement to Music, Sensory Circuit or Strength & Balance Training, we promote independence and safety in all of our rehabilitation activities and programs. It’s all about choice — ultimately, we’re here to help you meet your goals, and we respect your choices.

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